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Review: Yo Gotti hustles hard on new LP

Yo Gotti/The Art of Hustle/Epic

Yo Gotti is an artist on the bubble of breakout fame that deserves the accolades and the recognition.

His work is always constantly honest and brutal and he embodies the spirit of what many, many rappers aspire to be.

Now that we have laid that down, this album may be something of a struggle for his devoted fanbase.

We won’t step out on the ledge and put it out there that he has not grown artistically.

We can say is that these records are solid, they fit together and they refuse to take the type of leap that will allow the devoted to keep shopping and the newcomers to want to go backwards and time to see what they missed.

The album opens well with the acoustically driven bluesy dare “My City” which features fellow Memphis native K. Michelle baring her soul.

It’s the type of chess move that you want from YG at this point.

In its naked honesty you get something that showcases their mutual feelings about their hometown despite having the money to leave the pain and suffering behind.

YG borrows a snippet from Jay Z’s reasoning that propelled “Heart of the City” from The Blueprint.

From there we downshift into the well-worn angel and devil on my shoulder theme in “My Bible” which features Lil Wayne.

A highlight reel worthy track comes in the form of the sparkling “Hunnid” which is incredibly energetic.

Perhaps the presence of lyrical assassin Pusha T forced Yo Gotti to attack the song versus appear on it, but the urgency in his tone and cadence forces the subject matter to the backseat.

“Hunnid” makes you feel the flow and that is everything.

Yo Gotti once again showed out with an album that most of his peers could not make.

The flashes of brilliance suggest that his classic is just one step away.

Listen To Yo Gotti’s The Art Of Hustle

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