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Review: Royal Blood Rocks How Did We Get So Dark?

British duo sets the blues on fire with aggression.

Royal Blood have reemerged with How Did We Get So Dark?  The duo’s first LP since their self-titled 2014 debut, How Did We Get So Dark? is a date with adrenaline.

royal bloodStaying true to Royal Blood’s sound and style, the singles, “Lights Out” and “Hook, Line, & Sinker,” gave the public a taste of the distorted blues that was on the way.

Now, the album is ready to set summer on fire.

Royal Blood rose above a few hot singles and dropped off a complete album.

How Did We Get So Dark?  squeezes as much high-powered rock as it can into its 34 minutes. The volume is set to kill from the word go.

The title track, “How Did We Get So Dark?” provides a powerful start. The song discusses  loving and losing in a gut-wrenching manner.

 ‘How did I become a look a like / Of someone you used to love? / So dark / How did something so sweet tear us apart?”

“She’s Creeping” is a mid-set high point.  The tempo is not as destructive as the rest of its siblings. The shift commands immediate attention and is a welcome dynamic.

“She’s Creeping”highlights the vocal abilities of lead singer Mike Kerr.

“Hole In Your Heart”  unveils  a touch of darkness as the record draws to an end. The garage-rock brooder slays with an moody guitar solo and cathartic lyrics.

“So baby don’t fake it / When you already know/ You can’t shake it / When it’s starting to show / I can fill that hole in your heart.”

The album finishes  well with “Sleep.”  The record  captures both the Alpha and the Omega of Royal Blood as it is both optimistic and laid back.

How Did We Get So Dark? is a rock lovers dream album. It combines the best of hard rock with garage rock in a way that only Royal blood could.

Everything about them screams duality but listeners get the best of everything that they spit out.

Stream: Royal Blood How Did We Get So Dark?

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