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Marvel Readies Next Secret Wars Chapter

Marvel Comics has a habit. They distribute their benchmark work in tandem with their summer blockbusters to take advantage of the mainstream attention that is hurled in their direction.

2015 is no different as Secret Wars is in full swing and along with it comes Secret Wars: Battle World which drops on May 20.

Written by the iconic Ed Brisson, the focus is squarely on the collision between the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe.

Dr. Strange has taken over The Punisher’s soul and havoc is splattered all over the first shot in what stands to be one of the most interesting perspectives rendered in Secret Wars.

Marquee faces such as Spiderman and The Hulk are a part of the hunt for Punisher as well as cult figures such as Ghost Rider.

This is a opportunity to grab a true number one and hold on to it as each piece of this puzzle will be held in high regard at a later date.

Things will most likely change that much and it is interesting to see all of the information that is already spilling forth.

We’re all curious as to how the Secret Wars saga will play out as Marvel is turning everything we know and love upside down and inside out.

The smarter play is to enjoy each slice of the series for what it is and not dwell on what happens from here.
M.O.D.O.K. would have wanted it that way.

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