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Fallout Continues From The Waco Biker Brawl

WACO- It was ugly and it was chaotic.The violence that rocked the semi-quaint Texas town with the strangest mojo in America will not soon be forgotten.

On Sunday, rival factions of The Bandidos biker gang drew blood in another chapter of an ugly turf war with The Cossacks riders.

The groups have been at war over everything from vest patches to organized criminal activities that include stolen property and drug sales according to detective Steve Cook who spoke with CNN.

On Sunday, hundreds were arrested after nine people lost their lives and dozens more were injured.

The mid-afternoon meltdown was brazen and defiant.

Local authorities were on the scene and aware of an impending incident and yet it went down anyway.

Gang culture is gang culture regardless of whether or not the members rock a red flag and drive a lowrider or wear a shredded leather vest and creep slow on a motorcycle.

It almost always is over romanticized in pop culture and dipped in the ignorance of reckless men who simply don’t give a fuck about human life.

In Waco, brass knuckles, chains, clubs and hundreds of guns were recovered.

For their trouble the 170 men that were arrested were slapped with a $1 million bond.

In the CNN report, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton indicated that his team is fed up with the fallout of the drama.

“We’ve seen enough violence. We’ve seen enough death. We’ve seen enough bloodshed. And we’re starting to see the rhetoric tone down a little bit,” he said.

He knows that Wednesday’s peace is very temporary.

[Swanton said] “in the gang world and the biker world … violence usually (begets) more violence.” “Is this over?” he asked rhetorically. “Most likely not.”

Swanton’s central Texas town sits directly in the center of a lot of dusty roads that will cross again.

Next time, the death toll could very likely include innocent bystanders that catch a stray bullet meant for somebody else that made the wrong fashion choice.

Watch Footage From The Crime Scene 

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