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Naomi Campbell Changing History

Fashion icon Naomi Campbell attempts to change history as Daniel Bates of Daily Mail reports Sunshine Sachs public relations firm admitted to doctoring her Wikipedia page to remove the supermodel’s past relationship with Mike Tyson and her 1994 solo album ‘Babywoman’ from the online encyclopedia page.

They also tried to alter a negative description of a restaurant chain she invested in call the Fashion Cafe and references to her convictions for assault were also asked to be removed.

When asked about the employee that made the changes to Campbell’s page, founder of Sunshine Sachs Ken Sunshine told the New York Times “This employee has been reprimanded and we have updated all Wikipedia accounts used by the firm to be fully compliant with the current terms of use.”

One thing Ms. Campbell is not going to want removed from the history books is her stylish appearance at Milan Fashion Week where she made tie-die fly on the runway in a beautiful Emilio Pucci gown. At 45 Naomi will want us all to remember that she can still fit in that beautiful Versace gown that she styled at 28 in Paris at Versace’s AW Fashion Show.

The violation of industry reporting was discovered by Wiki Strategies, an independent consultant that advises clients on ways to patrol their Wikipedia presence, and all of Naomi’s information has been restored. As the supermodel continues to command the catwalk, appear on TV shows like Empire and throw lavish birthday parties, she will have much more to add to Wikipedia in the future.

Our trials and tribulations are what make up our testimonies so don’t be afraid to share your good, bad and ugly Ms. Campbell. They inspire us all in a positive way as we watch you overcome the bad and turn ugly into beauty and continue to live a very good life.

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