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Rewind: 10 Greatest Boondocks Episodes

The Boondocks made a statement upon impact on November 6, 2005.

When cartoonist/writer Aaron McGruder lifted his popular comic strip off newspaper pages and shot it onto Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming, he and his team made history.

Much has been said of the show’s presumed highs, lows and mediocre ending.

Def Leppard’s “Rock Of Ages” declares that “it’s better to burn out that fade away.”

That inevitably was the problem with the fourth and final season of the franchise.

The show centered around two recently orphaned children and their grandfather who leave Chicago’s Southside for a (presumed) happier ending in the affluent suburb of Woodcrest.

Obviously hijinks ensued.

Most importantly, all three central characters made a weekly point in their own way.

The oldest of the children Huey Freeman was used to give the family its socio-political conscious.

His little brother Riley fell into the jaws of each and every stereotype assigned to urban youth that are influenced by the worst of what today has to offer.

Their caretaker Granddad grew tired of the struggle of life and simply wanted to spend his last days getting laid and telling tall tales about what he did during the first half of his life.

Pound-for-pound, The Freeman family was almost always at least on point.

Reading between the lines of various press releases and thinly-veiled shots taken by those that worked on the show’s not-so-victory lap declared that the show’s final bow was the product of rabid fans demanding something new material from a greedy evil empire (Sony) that was consistently trying to rein in the rebellious soul that started the whole damn thing to begin with.

The Boondocks at its best was a healthy cocktail of social commentary shaken together with pop culture references past and present that could never be duplicated.

It what will be a highly contested list, here are the 10 best episodes that the Boondocks brought to table.

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