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Rewind: 10 Greatest Boondocks Episodes

#2 Granddad’s Fight (Season 1)

There is a longstanding debate with Boondocks fans regarding which Freeman antagonist holds the most weight.

Is it Uncle Ruckus whose very special brand of self-hatred steals the show in nearly every episode on this list?

Or is it Colonel H. Stinkmeaner?

Stinkmeaner is perhaps the nastiest character ever drawn. His hate is epic enough to literally bring him back from the depths of hell in season two after he dies a fitting death in this episode.

Granddad’s Fight not only introduced the good Colonel but it is the show’s best representation of McGruder’s love of Japanese anime via a beautifully put together ninja segment that anchors the episode’s second act.

Morally, the show draws upon the moments that suck us all in and create chaos.

Like many men Granddad must figure out if he will choose the option of doing the right thing or doing the right thing for his ego.

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