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Rewind: 10 Greatest Boondocks Episodes

#10 The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2 (Season 2)

Gangstalicious is one of several fictional rappers in the Boondocks universe. His place on the list via this episode is warranted only because he was Young Thug before there was a Young Thug.

The concept of a rap adopting a fashion sense that both feminine and (sorta) masculine was at least predicted here. It is what it is. In this continuation of a plot that began in season one, Riley unwillingly takes on the role of both model and confidant as Gangstalicious bribes him with free swag from his clothing line in exchange for Riley’s loyalty and secrecy.

Even with pearls around his neck and a baby doll shirt on, Riley refuses to acknowledge the facts as they are about his idol. For a kid that started in the projects, it was here that Riley’s character was shown to be just another impressionable and naïve young one that wants to be just like his hero.

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