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Rewind: 10 Greatest Boondocks Episodes

#8 Pause (Season 3)

This one can’t be caught in reruns thanks to Tyler Perry’s alleged fury over this satire that may have hit a little bit too close to home for his liking. Granddad runs off to join a theater cult that is led by a tyrannical black male that founded his empire by creating an obnoxious elderly female character that he dresses up as both onstage and onscreen.

Do your own math.

The barbs are Hanzō sword sharp and provide a proper counterpoint to Tyler’s often low-brow content. Still, Pause is so over the top in every way that it’s impossible to take it seriously.

Rumors quickly circulated that Tyler threatened to sue McGruder and fired employees that leaked information that was used to assemble the backbone of the episode.

Tyler told Straight From The A at the time that none of it was true. “Just like the Spike Lee situation, I feel that ‘no response’ is the best response. I’m just gonna leave it at that… But I will tell you this … there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I’m suing The Boondocks. Those are all lies. I’m not suing anybody over that. And I haven’t fired anyone because of that show, either. I don’t know where all that came from.”

What we know is that Turner Broadcasting owns both Cartoon Network and the broadcast rights to some of Perry’s sitcoms. Pause has been off the air just after word of Tyler’s fit hit the streets.

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