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Rewind: 10 Greatest Boondocks Episodes

#6 The Itis (Season 1)

One of the show’s many specialties was cliché blending to reflect that regardless of race and class that we as humans are subject to the same afflictions.

When you take on too much food and refuse to walk it off you get what some call a food coma and what others call The Itis.

After a dinner party that centered around Granddad’s one-of-a-kind deep-fried concoctions, local tycoon Ed Wuncler Sr. hands over the keys to one of his underperforming restaurants to give the elder a Freeman shot at opening his own soul food spot.

The restaurant is a hit on multiple fronts and one that ultimately gave Wuncler the edge in a gentrification scheme that was the true motive for his generosity.

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