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Rewind: 10 Greatest Boondocks Episodes

#5  A Huey Freeman Christmas (Season 1)

Huey rips apart Christmas via a controversial play that is ultimately banned.

Riley violently assaults Santa Claus at the Woodcrest Mall at each and every appearance.

Young Jasmine Dubois has every childhood dream shattered in one of the most poignant sequences in the history of the franchise.

Every kid that got cheated on Christmas felt this one as did everyone that stood in opposition to the holiday’s traditional story.

It was an early indicator that McGruder was seriously unafraid of anyone and anything.

The Washington Post’s Curt Fields could not have praised it more when he wrote “the school Christmas pageant, under Huey’s artistic control, [became] “The Adventures of Black Jesus” starring Denzel Washington and Angela Bassett. With a knowing spin on A Charlie Brown Christmas, the story is a laugh-out-loud take on the holiday, consumerism and earnestly liberal white folks.

Grumpy, cynical and maybe even a little callous, this episode renders other holiday cartoons as limp.

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