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Spider-Man Finds His Way

Since the Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures deal it has been openly stated that our newest Spider-Man film will feature a younger Web-Slinger, and after Tom Holland was cast as Spider-Man it left many wondering what the next step would be.

Kevin Feige claiming Hughes as Marvel’s inspiration isn’t that radical of a decision, and quite frankly, it is what many of us have come to expect.

There is a lingering echo of Feige’s announcement in the latest issue of The Amazing Spider-Man where Peter Parker abandons the red and blue pajamas to act as a full-time husband and father.

Coming off of the adequate Spider-VerseDan Slott writes Spidey as an anxious individual who constantly struggles with the burden of “with great power, comes great responsibility” in a world on the brink of a new Civil War. Anyone who has read Mark Millar‘s original story knows that Parker is courted by both Captain America and Iron Man to act as an influential participant for their own side’s cause. In Millar’s story, Spider-Man uses the media as a way to publicly reveal himself to the world as Peter Parker, supporting the Superhero Registration Act.

The themes of surveillance and security are subtly brought up in Slott’s current story as he joins sides with The Avengers to better protect his own self and keep his family safe.

One can only imagine that Peter Parker from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be torn by the idea of what is good and right when Captain American and Iron Man inevitably face off against one another in next summer’s Captain America: Civil War. It would be difficult to see Spider-Man as anything other than Ferris Bueller when balancing his identity as a high school student acting as a superhero since this new adaptation of the character will not feature an origin story.

Spider-Man’s here, and like so many teens, he’s now trying to find his way.

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