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NBA Free Agency Day one Recap

The NBA free agency is officially underway. There are already some big name players on the move to other teams and there are players who are signing contract extensions to stay put.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski and multiple reports, some major names staying are:

1) Kevin Love re-signs a five year $110 million dollar deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

2) Kawhi Leonard re-signs with the San Antonio Spurs on five year deal worth $90 million.

3) Jimmy Butler re-signs with the Chicago Bulls signing a five year deal worth $95 million.

4) Goran Dragic re-signs with the Miami Heat on a five year deal worth $90 million.

5) Brook Lopez re-signs with the Brooklyn Nets on a three year deal worth $60 million.

6) Danny Green re-signs with the Spurs on a four year deal worth $45 million.

7) Khris Middleton re-signs with the Milwaukee Bucks on a five year deal worth $70 million.

8) Brandon Knight re-signs with the Phoenix Suns on a five year deal worth $70 million.

9) Thaddeus Young re-signs with the Nets on a four year deal worth $50 million.

10) Mike Dunleavy Jr. re-signs with the Bulls on a three year deal worth $14.4 million.

11) Paul Millsap re-signs with the Atlanta Hawks on a three year  deal worth $58 million.

12) Iman Shumpert re-signs with the Cavaliers on a four year deal worth $40 million.

Players on the Move according to WojnarowskiCBS and multiple reports:

1) DeMarre Carroll signed with the Toronto Raptors on a four year deal worth $60 million.

2) Al-Farouq Aminu signed with the Portland Trail Blazers on a four year deal worth $30 million.

3) Tyson Chandler signed with the Suns on a four year deal worth $52 million.

4) Amir Johnson signed with the Boston Celtics on a two year $24 million dollar deal.

5) Paul Pierce signs with the Los Angeles Clippers on a three year deal worth $10 million.

Day one is not over yet as there are still big names out on the free agent market that are still set to meet with teams tonight. There is still plenty of time for more moves to be made and many teams are on the phone trying to acquire the top players left in free agency.

The biggest move of the day may have been by the Spurs, as they were able to re-sign Leonard and Green. The Spurs then traded their center Tiago Splitter to the Hawks to free up cap room to go after free agent LaMarcus Aldridge who is meeting with the Spurs this afternoon.

If the Spurs are able to sign Aldridge who already has a strong interest in their team, they will immediately become one of the best teams in the NBA. His impact could be huge and we may find out as soon as today if Aldridge is going to sign with the Spurs.

The Cavaliers are also big winners from today, as their move today to re-sign Love was one thing Lebron James was hoping would happen before he re-signs with the Cavaliers.. The Cavs were also able to bring back Shumpert helping keep the core of this team together. They are also engaged in talks with Tristan Thompson on trying to bring him back to the Cavaliers in 2015.

The Bulls were able to keep Dunleavy from heading to Cleveland as Lebron showed interest in the 34 year old joining the Cavaliers. The Bulls were able to reach an agreement with Dunleavy  as he is their most consistent shooter, The Bulls were finally able to reach a long term deal with the NBA’s reigning Most Improved Player Jimmy Butler. He is a key part in Chicago and keeping these two guys was very important.

There is still plenty of time for teams to make moves, as there are a lot of big names still out there on the free agent market looking for short and long term deals. If day one of free agency is any indication as to how the rest of the NBA free agency is going to play out, it is definitely going to exciting to see where players are going to play in the 2015/2016 NBA season.

Other Notables: Anthony Davis signed a five year $145 million extension with the New Orleans Pelicans and Damien Lillard also signed a five year contract extension with the Trail Blazers worth $120 million.

For a complete list of all the free agents, check out the Free Agent Tracker.

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