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Refused Excite With Furious Return LP


The Swedish hardcore legends have returned and they are still writing incredible songs.

Regardless of what category that you put Refused into, they have always juggled harmony with the discontent of their agenda.

Like Rage Against The Machine, Refused puts their beliefs on display without being so divisive that they limit your audience.

The opening salvo “Elektra” doubles as Freedom’s first single.

The surge is real and the vocals are driving as singer Dennis Lyxzén screams “ nothing has changed” with such cadence and harmony that it’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to overthrow whomever or whatever your personal oppressors maybe.

A good chunk of Freedom churns at a steady pace versus just speeding down a musical highway like a trucker looking for a game of chicken.

The tension that winds “Thought Is Blood” so tight makes it a standout.

“War On The Palaces” is the best AC/DC lift this side of Jet.

The good news is that the retread buys into the bluesier nuances that make these grooves work while at times even dabbling with what feels like a page from The Police’s playbook around the 2:15 mark.

Freedom is an incredible record brought to us by a veteran act that will leave their scene heartbroken for the umpteenth time when they break up again.

Right now, Refused understands that they are needed and they have shown up in a big way.

Watch: Refused’s “Elektra”

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