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Prince pulls out of the online streaming race by having all of his catalogs removed from all online music sites except Jay Z’s music platform TIDAL. Philip Cosores of Radio reports that the artist has pulled all his streaming music from, Spotify and Rdio the recently launched Apple Music with only a note remaining on the Spotify site which states, “Prince’s publisher has asked all streaming services to remove his catalog. We have cooperated with the request, and hope to bring his music back as soon as possible.”

No clear-cut reason has been given as to why the Purple Rocker had his music removed but USA Today’s Carly Mallenbaum reports that a lot of negative comments about streaming were posted on his Twitter account.

“Essentially, streaming has offered labels the ability to pay themselves twice while reducing what is owed to artists, from pennies on the dollar to fractions of pennies on the dollar.” was posted by @Prince3EG along with, “Spotify is co-owned by record labels, who hold 20 percent of the company’s stocks. – The Daily Beast,” and a link to the article on Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple, which pushed her to the top as she got the music giant to bow down and pay artist royal’s during its free three-month trial period.

The tweets end with a link to Billboard’s article on the Department of Justice and the major overhauls on consent decrees and digital licensing.

With this new policy it appears that Prince had deja vu from the 1993 Warner Brothers deal that attempted gain ownership of his masters leaving him with very little creative control.

The Swift letter made Apple revise its plans to withhold royalties to artist but it appears that issue of how the artist will get paid by record labels and streaming services is another hurdle artist will have to jump over so Prince has taken himself out of the race.

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