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Jay Rock Headlines The 5 Songs You Must Hear Today: July 6

Five songs, two ears and one heartbeat is all you need for the moment. Check out the 5 Songs You Must Hear Today : July 6

Chet Faker/”Bend”/Downtown

Aussie genre bender Nick Murphy strikes again under his Chet Faker alias.

This late night orchestra of seductive beats and quirky instrumentation feels like it’s adrift without an anchor.

The beauty of it all is that Murphy in his own sing-songy way mumbles through a woozy ode to what must have been one hell of an evening.

Soulful yet definitely not mainstream, “Bend” is some hipster shit that is not on some hipster shit. Make sense? Good.

Demi Lovato/”Cool For The Summer”/Hollywood

At some point one gets tired of ignoring potential guilty pleasures.

“Cool For The Summer” definitely fits that mold.

It won’t win a Grammy or turn any heads for breaking any aural ground but it’s a damn good song.

You won’t find a more infectious anthem to celebrate the top-down, drinks-up lifestyle in 2015.

Surging synths and carefree hooks abound making the whole affair so full of sugar that it will rot your teeth.

In short, it’s pure Demi Lovato.

Jay Rock/”Gumbo”/TDE

With Kendrick Lamar looming overhead, it’s hard for Jay Rock to get his mainstream shine.

Jay Rock is from the West Coast but as a part of TDE, he’s definitely not about just khakis and Chucks.

The latest slice “Gumbo” is pulled from his upcoming release and the well runs deep.

The track produced by J.LBS is heartfelt and psychedelic as Jay Rock expounds upon a variety of personal and social circumstances.

Kendrick may be opening doors for the veteran but his longstanding faithful will hold up “Gumbo” as proof positive that he’s not just another A-List rapper’s protégée.

DJ Cassidy featuring Chromeo/Future Is Mine/Atlantic

Cheese comes in many forms and “Future Is Mine” is the single Jamiroquai would drop if they were an American lounge act that got stranded in Vegas.

As accessible as it sounds, the feel-good nature of the track may not disarm the cynic in us all.

A perfect pick me up for days gone south

Puff Daddy & Pharrell/ Finna Get Loose/ Bad Boy

The title is fitting in light of Puff’s recent brush with the law via a kettle bell and UCLA’s strength coach.

The track is a throwback to a simpler time and a simpler sound when Pharrell crafted rhythmic shuffles as part of the production duo The Neptunes.

Vocally, Puffy teeters close to the edge of sounding like the drunk uncle at a summer BBQ instead of an international hitmaker.

But for this purpose of this song, it works.

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