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Lebron James Continues to Wait on Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron James made it known, he would not be resigning with the Cleveland Cavaliers until they made the roster moves he is happy with. One of those moves includes bringing back offensive rebounding beast Tristan Thompson.

The Cavaliers seemed to have talks with Thompson going well until a few days ago. Then negotiations with Thompson seemed to stall out as it was reported that the Cavaliers were making a run at David West who turned down his $12.6 million option with the Pacers to sign with the San Antonio Spurs yesterday.

Brian Windhorst also reported earlier in the week that Thompson and the Cavaliers are still apart on contract talks which is why Lebron has not yet re-signed with the Cavaliers.

At this point in time there is no indication of Lebron looking to sign anywhere else. However, he is currently a free agent and has made it clear to the Cleveland organization that he wants Thompson back before he decides to re-sign with the team.

Thompson is looking for a near max deal and it is looking like he is going to get it if the Cavaliers want Lebron and Thompson back in Cleveland in 2015. If Thompson and Lebron both re-sign for the max salary this season the Cavaliers payroll will most likely be over $100 million.

The Cavaliers are also trying to make Lebron even more confident in them by discussing multiple trades with multiple teams. Greg Price of the International Business Times reported that the Cavaliers were considering a trade for Brooklyn Nets shooting guard Joe Johnson.

Trade talks with the Nets also slowed down as the Cavaliers would have to throw in Anderson Varejao for the contracts to match the trade and the Cavaliers did not seem like they were as interested as they were before. The Cavaliers are also involved in trade talks for Jamal Crawford of the Los Angeles Clippers. This trade would allow the Cavaliers to keep Varejao and it could give them more depth off the bench.

The Cavaliers are clearly trying to show Lebron they are going to do whatever they can to build a Championship team around him. Dan Gilbert is willing to pay more in just the luxury tax this season, than most of the NBA teams entire payroll to give the Cavaliers a much deeper team than they had last season.

The ball is in Lebron’s court. He is most likely going to re-sign with Cavaliers on a two year deal with a player option after one year just as he did last season so there is no reason for the city of Cleveland to panic, unless for some reason the Cavaliers and Thompson continue to stay apart on a new deal. In the end, Thompson will probably get the deal he is seeking and then Lebron will most likely re-sign shortly after, but only time will tell.

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