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Melanie Martinez Cleans Up 5 Songs You Must Hear Today

Hit Boy w/ Sage The Gemini/“Stay Up”/Interscope

Hit Boy’s latest single “Stay Up” won’t inspire a musical revolution but it’s a perfect snapshot of the hedonistic times we live in.

The summer of 2015 is entering its second act and this ode to big bass and the girls that respond to it is sitting at the top of the pile.

Like the best of any genre, there is no fat here to be trimmed.

Every action has a reaction and is told from the perspective that every that happened happened for a reason.

Lyrically vivid and musically solid, Hit Boy has lived up to his name by crafting a gem.

Melanie Martinez/“Soap”/Atlantic

The dark nearly trip-hop overtones of “Soap” are a stark contrast to Martinez’s introduction to the landscape as a contestant on the vocal competition The Voice.

After leaving the show, Martinez got back on her independent grind and resurfaced as a member of the Atlantic roster after pushing her indie effort Dollhouse.

While 99.9 –percent of vocal contestants never render material that is worth even a passing glance, Martinez has proven to be a bastion of true artistry.

“Soap” is huge not because it is an anthem but because it is captivating.

The musical bait and switch will sound corny on paper but there is truly a “oh-shit!’ moment that anchors the song as well as her additive vocal texture.

Korn & Rihanna/ “Bitch Better Have My Money (Remix)”

There is an entire generation of mainstream music fans that missed Korn’s stadium-sized glory run.

So of course this unofficial metal remix of one of 2015’s most recognizable singles was probably put together with an eye towards a little publicity.

It doesn’t even really matter as after a semi-clumsy start, the track jumps out the gate and severs everything in its path.

For the record, singer Jonathan Davis stays home.

It’s certainly for everybody but at the very least, it’s seriously creative and worth a listen if only to satisfy curiosity.

Majid Jordan w/Drake/“My Love”/OVO Sound

The Canadian duo of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman are back with their boss in tow with a slinky-yet-robotic ode to opportunists that are looking for a trophy husband.

What makes the track interesting is that it nearly spits in the face of its primary audience.

There are not too many dudes that are going to sing along to the bubbling synths and the respectable side of the trio’s feminine audience doesn’t have a dog in this fight big enough to draw them in.

Being unafraid makes for good art and regardless of what anyone will can say, the OVO camp wears their heart on their sleeve.

Westkust/ “Swirl”/Run For Cover

Somewhere around 1983, departed filmmaker John Hughes must have packed up Westkust and shoved them into a time machine and fast-forwarded them into the now.

“Swirl” is a jolt of new-wave inspired pop that obviously is inspired by the 80’s.

Its reverence for a previous day doesn’t make it dated or disrespectful.

The simple production values, the keen songwriting and the cohesive performance actually make it dare I say…fresh.

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