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Net-a-Porter “Rocks” Tom Ford

If you have followed fashion over the past twenty years, you know that Tom Ford is one of the most exclusive designers in the industry.

The former creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent has become an icon among fashion elite and celebrities, even having songs written about his exclusive designs like “Tom Ford” by Jay-Z.

Over the years, Mr. Ford has only sold his accessories and beauty online via his e-commerce site

All of that will change this week, as he embarks on a new venture with the luxury e-commerce site Net-a-porter.

In this exclusive partnership, which launches this week on July 15th, Ford will be selling and edited list of his Women’s ready to wear line on the site. Menswear will be launching on Mr. Porter in September.

Previously, his clothing has been secluded to his brick and mortar boutiques and luxury department stores around the world.According to an interview with WWD, Vice President of Net-a-Porter global buying, Sarah Rouston, Net-a-porter is confident about the partnership.

“Net-a-porter is extremely strong in selling designer merchandise online and obviously Tom Ford ready-to-wear online, bags and shoes is a massive draw for our customer. We’ve got a proven track record of selling at this level, especially brands that either have very limited e-commerce themselves or no e-commerce.”

The decision to delve into e-commerce is one that many fashion houses are now venturing. In a society that is plugged in and logged on constantly, not being a part of e-commerce is one of the worst decisions a company can make.

Investing in e-commerce opens brands to a wide range of worldwide consumers that were otherwise, ignored. In his past, Tom Ford’s sleek, sexy designs were enough to resurrect the design house of Gucci.

Though his brand is in no way struggling, it will be interesting to see how this partnership plays out. Soon people in all corners of the world will be “rocking” Tom Ford.

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