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Michael Douglas Crushes Ant-Man

Veteran actor Michael Douglas has played a lot of challenging roles over the years.

On Friday, Douglas will add super scientist to his resume as he debuts his as Dr. Hank Pym in Marvel’s latest film Ant-Man.

Producer Kevin Feige told Marvel’s website that although Douglas may not be at the center of the violence, he is the film’s heart and soul.

“He’s amazing in this movie. He’s crushing it. We wanted to cast somebody who you would realistically believe could have, if we made an Ant-Man movie in the ‘70s or ‘80s, he could have played him.

And some of the things we run into now are he’s so cool and so strong, [we need to make it clear] why he’s not just putting [the suit] on now and doing it himself,” Feige laughed. “

Ant-Man  has been overshadowed by other high-powered Marvel properties such as The Avengers and the hype behind the forthcoming Deadpool.

That does not mean that the film has any less merit than nor should be overlooked as a key piece of the Marvel Universe that is being threaded as we speak.

If anything, Ant-Man  will be among the deepest of the flicks on deck as it explores themes of family, betrayal and the rewards of blind faith.

Douglas is the perfect choice for Pym as he has the chops to flex between various emotions at the drop of a dime while making everyone around him better.

Team that with quality action and a back story that could explain a lot of missing holes from other projects as you have what could become the sleeper story of the entire franchise.

Fiege stated that Pym’s roots go deeper than many casual fans may think .

“I think the notion is he was [active from] the ‘60s to the end of the Cold War, operating as a secret agent for S.H.I.E.L.D.,” explained Feige. “So the world does not know much about him yet.”

Expect Friday to be something of a day of reckoning.

Watch The Ant-Man Trailer Below. 

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