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Is Sam Smith Ready To Comeback?

Budding pop icon Sam Smith has a timeless classic in the ode “Stay With Me.”

The track and Smith’s searing voice have won multiple accolades but it almost all came to an end when Smith hit a brick wall when it was revealed that he had issues with his vocal cords thanks to a hemorrhage.

After being placed on the sidelines by his doctors, it appears as if much needed rest has gotten the British crooner back in the game two months after surgery.

Smith’s U.S. tour kicks off tomorrow in Louisville, KY and according to his Instagram profile, things could not be better.

“So just want to keep everyone in the loop; I have been in Boston the last few days to have a check up on my throat, before I embark on my American tour,” Smith said.

“MY THROAT IS LOOKING BLOODY FANTASTIC. So it’s amazing news. So happy. It’s going to be a really tough month of shows but I can’t wait to see you all, and pray it’s going to be a smooth ride. LET’S GO”

At post time, Smith has dates book here and abroad that run well into December.

There is no doubt that he will sound well initially but how he holds up over the long haul is the immediate issue at hand.

Even further beyond, it will be interesting to get to see what the timing is on Smith’s next batch of songs.

In this fickle world of ours, Smith needs to not only keep his appearances up but he needs to continue to drop gems.

Rigorous touring plus a hectic recording schedule will put his recovery to the true test.

It has been said that Sam Smith is here to stay. Let’s see how he jumps over his first major hurdle since becoming an international star.

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