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Runway Review: Duckie Brown SS16 New York Fashion Week: Men’s

New York-based fashion label, Duckie Brown, unveiled its spring/summer 2016 menswear collection at this year’s New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

In front of a crowd of fashion insiders and brand aficionados, co-designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver put a new twist on the status quo by debuting pieces that could easily cross over gender lines. With an emphasis on craftsmanship and lightweight fabrics, Duckie Brown’s SS16 collection did not disappoint.

Androgyny is nothing new in the fashion industry, but gender neutral pieces have been making headway in the contemporary and luxury markets. Genderless designs can be interchanged, worn collectively, or paired with various masculine or feminine pieces to create unique and expressive looks.

It’s all up to the wearer, and the endless fashion possibilities is what makes the Duckie Brown brand so appealing to the masses.

The Duckie Brown collection is not for the timid fashion clientele. An air of confidence from those who crave avant-garde pieces is required to pull off these sheer fabrics, and high-waist trousers, and drawstring pants. The collection even pulled from yesteryear with its 70s inspired blazers with widened shoulders. The loose fit of the fabric rivaled Miami Vice in its heyday.

A solid effort by Duckie Brown ensures the 14-year-old retailer still has a strong hold on the menswear division. Competition is steep, and labels are forced to compete with grabbing the attention of fickle buyers and the rapid movement of trends.

What’s hot today may be played out by tomorrow, and many labels throw in the towel amid the pressure (think: Nicomede Talavera shuttering his eponymous label). Despite the fast moving tides, Cox and Silver continue to stand strong. It may be pure luck, but we like to attribute the brand’s success to being open minded, bold and experimental in a sea of shapeless, bland uniformity.

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