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Review: Michael Kors New York Fashion Week: Men’s S/S 2016

From now on, when you think of vacation, think of Michael Kors.

The American fashion brand debuted its latest s/s 2016 collection at the first annual New York Fashion Week: Men’s, and the theme of the collection was “island life”.

The designer focused on his clientele that looks forward to piecing together trendy yet comfortable outfits during their vacation. This equates to linen, knitwear and seersucker trousers in a variety of hues and prints.

Kors even threw in some above-the-knee shorts for good measure, and the Kors man will likely applaud the abundance of travel accessories. From the silk scarves to the leather tote bags, Kors has you covered from all angles.

We can’t forget the footwear which screams “I’m off duty”. Comfy and strappy sandals in a rich dark and taupe leather was paired with every look of the collection.

When nighttime rolls around, and the air gets a little chilly, Kors has an abundance of lightweight outwear to keep you warm. From hoodies to a tan leather bomber jacket, you will never be caught out in the cold.

Michael Kors was once the top leader in the contemporary market, but the brand has struggled in recent years due to the fickle taste of shoppers worldwide. The brand, which was once seen as a status symbol, has been tarnished by the company’s presence being splattered everywhere.

You’re no longer the “cool” retailer when everyone is rocking the same Michael Kors purse, the same Michael Kors watches and the same Michael Kors footwear. But Kors is slowly trying to change things around.

The spring/summer 2016 collection is a solid attempt for the designer and his struggling empire, but with stiff competition from Kate Spade and Coach, only time will tell if this latest menswear collection will bring consumers out to Michael Kors’ storefronts in droves.

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