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Alexander Wang is leaving Balenciaga

Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga; these insanely fashion crazed super stars have two things in common, their love of self expression and their love of Balenciaga. Which, by association means that they also must love the brand’s creative director for the last three years, Alexander Wang.

There has been much speculation on whether or not Wang was departing from the famed french fashion house (yes, alliteration was intended) and un/fortunately this speculation has turned to fact. Alexander Wang is leaving Balenciaga *GASP*.

This is rather unfortunate due to how short a stay Wang spent with the brand. After beginning his reign at Balenciaga in 2012 he has clearly, beautifully and expertly brought his vision to light.

In a statement from the french fashion house issued on Friday it stated the evident, “Since 2012, Alexander Wang has stood at the creative helm of the maison and has been instrumental in the pursuit of its developement. With his proven talent and his irreverent, modern vision of design, Alexander Wang has brought a new impetus to the brand.”

Now, why is Wang leaving Balenciaga, the extremely known and popular fashion house? The speculation was that it would be the end result of the infamous words, “a mutual decision.” Except, here is where the fortunately part comes into play, Wang wants to take his personal brand to the “next level of growth.” Which means this is GREAT for the fashion world.

This 31-year-old fashion designer who has an edgy creative mindset is the perfect candidate for the American fashion. Just this past weekend he opened a store in London’s Mayfair which is just adding now to his 20 locations in Asia and a flagship in NYC. However, this is his first in Europe, but why London and not Milan or Paris?

“It was our biggest European market,” says Wang, of London, where we meet. “From the very beginning, it’s always been a very supportive market, and it’s a city that I love,” explained Wang to Independent.

His new digs are perfect for this modern designer; he building was previously a former Post Office and an art gallery which in turn means a decent amount of space. In order to decide perfectly on how to complete his creative cave Wang worked with a Belgian architect, Vincent Van Duysen to truly bring it all together.

“I wanted it to be a substantial representation of the brand, one in which I can house every single category that we offer. It took time, but we feel like we’ve finally found a good home,” said Wang.

T by Alexander Wang - 2011 fall

T by Alexander Wang – 2011 fall

Now, Wang’s ready-to-wear line is set to show at New York Fashion Week along with his secondary line, T by Alexander Wang.

One last fun fact about Wang; he dropped out of Parsons design school in NYC at the trusty age of 19, which many might say was too early, however it panned out quite well in giving him the opportunity to work with Balenciaga. So, this may be another great “drop out” or “too early” move on his part, luckily we all will be patiently (not really) waiting.


  1. Felicia M Ballet

    October 3, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    Great article Marlena!

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