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Rita Ora Heats Up 5 Songs You Must Hear

Robin Thicke w/ Nicki Minaj/ “Back Together”/ Interscope

Robin Thicke has been the subject of ridicule over the past couple of years. Throughout a tumultuous divorce that saw him Thicke morph from a silky smooth playboy into a humiliated shell of his former self, Thicke let his music suffer the same fate as his personal life.

“Back Together” is a return in spirit to what Thicke is capable of.  The track fuses a modern backbeat with the classic soul instrumentation that has provided the landscape for most of Thicket’s greatest moments.

With a super-slick cameo from rap’s reigning diva, “Back Together” feels like its less about romance and more about RT’s reunion with his art form.

Warren G. w/Jeezy, Nate Dogg, Bun B/ “Keep On Hustlin/G-Funk

This prime cut from Warren G’s latest EP is good bourbon smooth. Full of slick talk and a signature hook from the dearly departed Nate Dogg, “Keep On Hustlin” is a reminder that the classic left coast sound will always ride hard.

More than a little nostalgic, the beat recalls an era where hip-hop leaned more on the musical and less on the frantic patterns that are the flavor of the day.

Jeezy’s verse bridges the gaps between both worlds and anchors what could be the track to introduce the term regulate to a new audience of fans.

Rita Ora w/ Chris Brown/ “Body On Me”/Roc Nation

“Body On Me” is a great song. Simple and plain the straight –forward seductive call and response is not rocket science.

Ora does her job and her beau for three minutes and 45 seconds Chris Brown does his.

As summer slides into fall, the shuffling mid-tempo will fare well as momentum changes and we all start to turn our attention to ahem…indoor activities.

Ora finally has the breakout hit that she has been waiting for at her disposal.

Mac Miller/100 Grandkids/Warner Brothers

“100 Grandkids” is home to one of the crispest snare sounds that has surfaced in awhile. At a time where glossy-sounding tracks have been traded for a dirty psychedelic flair that feels musically underwater, Mac Miller drops in with a gem that is sonically clean.

Miller‘s quirky tendencies are still in large supply and his vocal bite of “Bad Boys For Life” is lighthearted.

Towards the end, Miller hits a new stride as his cadence does it’s best Drake imitation as he says “when I first made a hundred grand, I thought I was the shit.”

“100 Grandkids” keeps things interesting.

Lana Del Rey/ “High By The Beach”/Interscope

Lana Del Rey is seeping back into the landscape with new music that thus far as proven to be sharp and cathartic.

Simple synthesized organs and mechanical pulses of rhythm set the stage for LDR’s sultry fuck-off to someone who was pretty sure they were getting over on her.

The retro-feel does not dull her vocal here as it might with others and that is a testament to who she is and what she does.

Unique and woozy “High By The Beach” is moonlight music.

Listen To “High By The Beach” Here

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