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NERVO Makes Their Debut With Collateral

NERVO has been keeping very busy for the last decade. It’s hard to believe that “Collateral” is their first full-length release. Regardless, it is their debut album, and it shows us exactly why they’ve been in the game for this long.

Collateral” showcases the many musical layers of the twins, respected by fellow tastemakers in the industry as songwriters, producers, and DJs. With features like Steve Aoki, Dev, Kylie Minogue, and Kreayshawn, the track list alone gets you ready for an insane party. Coincidentally, the versatility of the album makes it the perfect album to play all the way through as the soundtrack to every summer pool party.

“There is a mix of tracks on the album and all are intended for different purposes. That’s the beauty of working on an album! We didn’t need to just write tracks for the dance floor; however, all tracks whether they be in their original form or through a remix, will be played in our sets,” said the duo. They weren’t going for one specific sound, and they did a great job.

While some EDM albums can take you on somewhat of a repetitive, anti-climactic journey, NERVO avoids that by filling the album with summer anthems such as “Right Thru Me,” party jams like “Hey Ricky,” and festival power tracks like “Rise Early Morning.” We get a taste of the many sides of the EDM world, as told by NERVO.

Even with covering many grounds in EDM, the album does not disjointed. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Although I didn’t really hear “Collateral” as a group of tracks telling a singular story, it does have a theme. That theme is the energy and sound that is NERVO.

Every track on this album displays the passion Miriam and Olivia have for what they do as well as their talent and why the anticipation for the album was so high. You can almost feel the excitement they have talked about feeling while they were in the process of creating it.

Collateral” is definitely a well-rounded listening experience. It’s not a difficult album to listen to, but because of the versatile tracks, you may find yourself wanting to skip around depending on your mood.

It’s definitely a fun album with catchy and memorable tracks. Whether you are a NERVO fan who has been waiting for the duo to release an album or a new and curious listener, this album has something for both crowds. I dare you not to sing along to “Right Thru Me” and “The Other Boys.”

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