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Salute To Beer: Aphrodisiaque Opens September

There are few things in this world that excite connoisseurs of the good life more than a well-crafted beer.

In college its sole-purpose is to be acquired cheaply and consumed in mass quantities to push the envelope as far as possible.

The further north that we get from the legal drinking age, the more we learn to sit good beer in the same category as fine wine great cigars, premium beef and gourmet coffee.

During the month of September, we will take a look at a new selection each day.

Let’s find your next favorite thing.

Name: Aphrodisiaque

Brewer: Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel/ Quebec, Canada

Category: Stout

In simple language, Aphrodisiaque is a very filling stout that will wreak havoc on all of your senses.

It foams well and with each taste the thick taste of chocolate and caramel run the show.

It feels and acts like a desert but at 6.5-percent alcohol by volume, its best to remember that this offering is not a joke.

The most interesting characteristic of this one is that it finishes off thin on arrival.

Where traditional stouts start and finish like malty glue, Aphrodisiaque fades into an almost-ale like conclusion.

We always want our beers to be interesting and to provide the backdrop for the stories that we will tell for a lifetime.

It’s worth finding this Canadian import.

It’s bold and strong yet light and hedonistic. There is a lot of dualities going on in these bottles and they are meant to be taken advantage of.

With the holidays on the way, Aphrodisiaque just might be the one stout that the female in your life will enjoy thanks to its multitude of flavor and crisp delivery.

Salute to one of our favorite beers on the market.

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