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Review: Travi$ Scott Submits A Masterpiece

Travi$ Scott/Rodeo/Epic/GOOD Music

Ambition is a mutherfucker and Travi$ Scott spends just about one hour and 15 minutes presenting a pretty convincing argument that he’s the most ambitious spitter in the rap game.

­Evolution is key to any art form and its obvious that Scott has been a excellent study of Outkast, Pink Floyd and the current landscape which spits out generous bass underneath adlibs that have stolen the spotlight from real lyrics.

The scenario is that Scott can and does spit and he does it well.

On “3500” he runs his costars Future and 2 Chainz into the ground.

The hook may loom large and in most cases it would anchor the track but here it chases the tail of a series of picturesque verbal jabs that are simply outstanding.

Musical curve-balls give Rodeo its masterpiece status.

The abstract yet contagious arrangements challenge an unspoken rule of rap that thou must not play with the intro, verse and hook format.

Wondagirl, Ultra $ound, Kanye West, Sonny Digital and others united as a production army (often on one track) to stitch Rodeo’s cloth together.

Moods shift and turn away from each other pretty quickly and it sonically stays true to the album’s core concept of trying to find a balance in the midst of turbulence.

Just like that the genre has been pushed forward and Rodeo will make it hard for Scott’s peers to submit less accomplished work and stay in favor with the public.

On the rock and metal side of things artists such as Pink Floyd, Rush, Dream Theater and in their own way Nirvana made a lot of people look really stupid for even thinking about stepping in their lane.

Travi$ Scott has just dropped an atom-bomb that will indeed force us to reflect on what is really possible.

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