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Salute To Beer: Saison Bernice reigns as the Supreme Ale

There are few things in this world that excite connoisseurs of the good life more than a well-crafted beer.

In college its sole-purpose is to be acquired cheaply and consumed in mass quantities to push the envelope as far as possible.

The further north that we get from the legal drinking age, the more we learn to sit good beer in the same category as fine wine great cigars, premium beef and gourmet coffee.

During the month of September, we will take a look at a new selection each day.

Let’s find your next favorite thing.

Name: Saison Bernice

Brewer: Sante Aidairius / Capitola, Canada

Category: Ale

Cultivated at a farm near Santa Cruz, this ale is in one word magnificent.  It feels very rustic in its start and its finish, which renders it as the perfect ale for fall.

Its very dry so it adds a kick to the palate.

The variety of yeasts used to produce it gives it that attribute and refined drinkers will fall in love with it.

At 6.5 alcohol by volume, you don’t want to pound these as you would a grocery-store favorite, but the notes of pears and other assorted fruit will tempt you into doing so.

As for the foam characteristics that often make or break any beer, this one produces a head that leaves a slight trail on the glass and never threatens to overpower the body of the ale itself.

It’s a bit hard to find but if one is in search of perfect ale that is worth a case purchase, Saison Bernice is a fine choice.


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