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Kap G Leads 3 Songs You Must Hear

Kap G feat. Nechie/ “I Be Up” /Atlantic

The College Park, Ga product has pushed the Mexican-American contribution to rap movement further with his bi-lingual approach to the game.

On this single he backs away somewhat from his international approach to drop a menacing yet hook street track.

Released back in the summer, “I Be Up” still warrants the attention of those that are waiting for a rising star that is bringing something fresh to music.

A prime track to bump, it foreshadows a big career for someone who has already caught the acting bug.

Kap G told BET that his role in the movie Dope was a game changer thanks to an assist from Pharrell Williams.

“I was in Atlanta at the time, so I had sent in a video,” Kap G says of his auditioning process. “They liked it, and I came back the next week and did it. That was crazy.”

Huge things are on the way for Kap G and “I Be Up” should treated as the warning shot that it was intended to be.

Transviolet/ “Bloodstream”/Epic

 Pop music is undergoing a transformation that is pushing the envelope towards minimalist yet electronic-based sounds/

The LA-based quartet Transviolet clearly understands that and “Bloodstream” is an epic representation of what they are about.

Shifting like the PCH Highway that climbs the cliffs of California,  this track is engaging and dramatic and stops just short of being moody for moody’s sake.

Fidlar/ “40 0zOn Repeat”/ Mom+ Pop Music

 “Like the long gone Ex-Idols, Fidlar shoots for the heart with stadium-sized street-punk. This band would probably never admit that they are built for arenas but they are.

“40 0z On Repeat” is sticky, loud, rude and fun like all classic music in this genre is supposed to be.

Turn Up.

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