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Is Anything Safe To Eat At Golden Corral?

There are guilty pleasures and then there is Golden Corral.

The much-maligned culinary landfill Golden Corral falls to the care of the latter as it’s the buffet restaurant that you just don’t want to admit to anyone that you visit.

For under $13 patrons gorge themselves silly on a Las-Vegas style cornucopia that often results in gastric agony.

However, not all things are created equal and there are some items that are worth indulging in and others that must be avoided.

A trip to the Cumming. GA location just north of Atlanta, proves this theory put to be correct.

What’s Safe:

 #1 Fried Chicken

 In its own generic way, GC knows how to fry a bird. Crispy and tender, there’s nothing to dislike about their take on this classic southern favorite.

#2 Pot Roast

 It was surprising to find that pot roast was one of the dishes that GC serves up correctly. Of all the recipes that can be thrown under the bus, pot roast tends to be one of them.

They work it out as long as it has not been left out to long.

Usually, it rotates fairly well but if looks a little chewy wait for a new batch to surface it’s worth it.

#3 All Breakfast Items

 Breakfast items here are served here all day and with good reason. If the excessive sodium can be withstood, the bacon is crispy, the sausage is moist and the grits are mushy.

The eggs are a bit suspect but tolerable.

Honorable Mention: The steak is not horrid but it’s not cooked correctly either. Visitors can request that the men on the grill serve them a medium rare, medium or medium well steak as much as they would like.

The end result will always been well done and chewy but in a nice fatty kind of way that saves it from being inedible.


#1 All Ground Meats

Indulging in any and all sauces with ground beef such as spaghetti sauces and nacho beef are punching a ticket on the hell express. The term rot gut is applicable and this also applies to the bland meat loaf which even a high school cafeteria lady would turn up her nose at.

#2 Baked Fish

 Nobody goes to Golden Corral to do the right thing. Therefore, zero-to no-effort was put into their baked fish recipe. Plus, more times than not, it stays out forever because nooone eats it and the fishy smell dominates the immediate area warning bystanders to stay away at all costs.

#3 Chocolate Fountain

Here we have a hygiene issue.

The chocolate fountain is a wonderful concept. However, its executed poorly as Salute witnessed dozens of grubby young hands dipping their various digits in it.

After asking another innocent bystander if  boogers and young children were frequent visitors to the dessert area, the quiet affirmative nod was all that was needed to know that yellow tape should rope off this area.

#4 Pizza

 The expectations were not very high to begin with and they were deep-sixed after an actually try. The chewy crust, the pasty cheese and the tart sauce that happens to be the same sauce that is used for the horrid marinara sauce made their pizza one step short of vile.

#5 Pasta

Overcooked to the point of where Elmer’s Glue could sponsor the offering, GC’s pasta won’t win any favor with passionate lovers of real Italian food.


The beating of the dead horse has begun so it is better to say that if you must be tempted, tread lightly and stick to the small percentage of safe items that they roll out.

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  1. Wwekane74

    August 29, 2018 at 10:08 pm

    Yo thx for putting this out there. U doing the right thing, telling people what to eat and what not to eat. And the haters, let em hate bro cuz just wait til they eat that stuff and they’ll get sick. Haters gonna hate bro. But don’t fuck with em. And thx again bro. Good job.

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