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Top 9 Week 1 NFL Injuries

There are few things that are certain in this life. Taxes, death and football players getting hurt are all a part of that equation.

NFL injuries are nothing new and as the league does what it can to “make the game safer,” top names continue to drop like flies.

During Week One’s action some marquee players felt the wrath of the sport with two games left to play on Monday night.

While there is a good chance this list will need amending, for now let’s rank which injuries mean the most to which teams

File Under Disastrous

Dez Bryant-WR-Dallas Cowboys-Foot

Thanks to the New York Giants decision to impersonate The Keystone Cops and the heroics of Cowboys QB Tony Romo, Dallas was able to salvage a game they should not have won on Sunday night.

It’s hard to envision them pulling off this feat for the next 4-5 games with Bryant going under the knife to repair a broken bone in his foot.

There is only one injury that looms larger for a team that had playoff potential as Bryant was the horse that owner Jerry Jones sided with when it came time to pay either Bryant or now-Philadelphia Eagles running back DeMarco Murray.

This is BAD news as Dallas is home to a mediocre backfield and a less-than-mediocre group of wideouts.

The key to success could be young tight end Gavin Escobar will have to transform himself into a vertical threat immediately if Dallas is to come out of this situation unscathed.

Terrell Suggs-LB-Baltimore Ravens-ACL

Baltimore’s offense was already on shaky ground without a vertical threat, a reliable tailback and a seasoned tight end.

Throw in the mix that the last remaining heartbeat of the infamous defense that struck fear throughout the league is done until 2016 and you have a team that probably won’t make the playoffs.

The Ravens defense slides from good to fair with the subtraction of the maestro that conducted the orchestra of pain.

Elvis Dumervil and Chris Canty can both flash excellence but the reality is that neither is known for their leadership skills or their consistent dominance.

Don’t be surprised if the Ravens finish third in the AFC North.

Luke Kuechly –LB-Carolina Panthers-Concussion

There is a lot of missing information regarding the status of the most dominant linebacker in football.

What we do know is that the last time that we saw Kuechly he was being carried off the field after falling to one knee as the Panthers took out the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If the Panthers lose their new signature player for any period of time, the results will be devastating.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera told the Charlotte Observer that the inside linebacker looked ok on Monday and that he will have a baseline test on Tuesday as he works his way through the NFL’s protocol.

“There are steps to the protocol he has to go through and every day is a different step. (Monday) was to come in and see how he is, and he’s fine,” Rivera said. “(Tuesday) he’ll go through the next step which he’s going to have to take the baseline test, and that’ll be examined by the doctor.

“So as he goes through the process—each step—I’ll have to give you an update. But today, the only thing I was told is he’s OK.”

“I’ve talked to him,” Rivera said. “He looks like Luke to me.”

The Panthers need that to be more than wishful thinking.

Josh McCown-QB-Cleveland Browns-Concussion

The only reason that this is tragic is because it opens the door for Johnny Manziel to see a pro football field.

Manziel continued his streak of flying a big play here or there in the face of tragic misreads, turnovers and the like.

Like his folk-hero brethren Tim Tebow, the kid is not a NFL quarterback and the Browns have zero reason to be optimistic about anything with McCown down.


Antonio Cromartie-CB-New York Jets-Knee

New York’s “other” cornerback is better than previously reported and could even possibly play next week.

The initial hoopla surrounding his injury was pretty bad and we are here to wave the flag and say that expect Cromartie to miss as little as one game if any at all.

That being said, the Jets were probably ok with the still-improving Buster Skrine as his understudy.

Skrine is not Cromartie but he is a serviceable backup that is capable of holding his own playing opposite Darelle Revis.

DeSean Jackson-WR-Washington Redskins-Hamstring

When breaking down the impact of injury, one has to assess that the team had something to live for to begin with.

The Redskins are horrible and to be honest, Jackson’s incredible athleticism can’t overcome the misery that Washington has brought upon itself.

If anything, Jackson should relax during the 4-5 weeks that he has off from contact and enjoy the freakshow that the Redskins have become.

Andre Ellington-RB-Arizona Cardinals-PCL

With his past history of injury, it’s surprising that it took Ellington this long to get hurt.

Seriously, the Cardinals have dealt with so much turbulence at this position that they knew it was time to bring in a backup plan that was ready to take the reins.

Enter Chris Johnson, who will keep Ellington’s seat warm for two-three games.

Johnson still has some beast left in him and Ellington just opened the door to his long-term demise as Johnson won’t just give the job back without a fight.


T.Y. Hilton-WR-Indianapolis Colts-Knee Bruise

Officially listed as day-to-day, Hilton is likely to miss at least a game or so.

The initial thought was that Hilton could have suffered some ligament damage during the Colts embarrassing outing against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Its still a big sigh of relief for a playmaker of his caliber that must perform well for the Colts to recognize their Super Bowl potential.

Derek Carr-QB-Oakland Raiders-Finger

The Raiders have been through hell and back over the past 24 hours assessing the status of their young leader.

As of late Monday, it seems as if Carr will be just fine and even with his thumb injury could play during Week 2 against the now anemic Ravens.

Watch this space for updates after Monday’s double header. 

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