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Calico Jack Rum Spices Up A Day Party

* Consideration was provided by Calico Jack Rum®

We wanted to do something a little bit different. Everybody takes the time to have a good time on Friday or Saturday night.

For that matter, the typical day party is hosted on the weekend or put together around certain holidays or special occasions.

But this was a bit different. I called my boy, talked him into taking the day off and we decided to host an impromptu day party with everyone that we knew that felt like taking a break from the norm.

To make that really happen we had to drink something that was a part of our rule-breaking concept and Calico Jack Caribbean Spiced Rum® was the perfect companion to our mood.

Calico Jack’s signature blend of spices that are robust and delicate kept the mood of the party right because what’s in the bottle flies its own flag just like we do.

The ladies loved the lighter notes of certain island flavors while the fellas felt at home with the bite that finished off each shot.

When you do something different, you require that every part of your adventure be as daring as your idea was.

Most of the details of that day are better left unsaid, but we can discuss the fuel to our mayhem.

Calico Jack Caribbean Spiced Rum® set our spontaneous day party off perfectly and our bosses were none the wiser.


Calico Jack Rum® Fly your own flag™

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