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Nick Diaz Hit With a Five Year Suspension For Marijuana Use

Nick Diaz has never shied away from a fight, from talking trash or having a “bad boy” image. Diaz has always played by his own rules and today that finally got him in some real trouble. The Nevada State Athletic Commission decided to send a message to other fighters who violate the new drug testing policy.

The Commission suspended Diaz for five years after his third failed drug test for marijuana. Diaz tested positive for marijuana after his fight with Anderson Silva on January 31 of this year.

This five year suspension is unheard of, it’s probably the longest suspension ever in sports without it being a lifetime ban. In fact, the Commission was pretty close to giving Nick Diaz a lifetime ban.

Essentially, this five year ban is a lifetime ban because Diaz is already 32 and it’s highly unlikely that Diaz could make a return to the UFC at age 37.

Diaz was obviously upset about the decision and spoke with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.

“I’m pretty pissed,” said Diaz after the hearing. “I got into this sport for this exact reason, being stuck in a room with people like that.

“I wanted to tell them what I think. I wanted to tell each and every one of them they’re a bunch of dorks. Everybody who sees them or knows who they are should tell them that. I would if it weren’t for my experts advising me to keep my mouth shut. I wanted to get up and say, ‘Look. You guys are way the f— out of line.’ ”

The trial didn’t go well for Diaz and his lawyer Lucas Middlebrooks said this decision had nothing to do with evidence. Apparently the first two drug tests were acceptable because they were done pre-fight and post-fight. The third test was done by Quest Diagnostics and Diaz’s lawyers said that information was not reliable at all.

Brett Okamoto took this video of Nick Diaz, and Diaz had some news to share.

Diaz said this in the video, “I never did steroids in my life. I know all the fighters, they are all on steroids. All you m—–f—— are on steroids. I already know that. Everybody knows that. I’m the only person in this sport, for the most part, that ain’t on steroids. Now there’s new rules in effect, yeah, you’ve got guys not on steroids now, but they used to be. They’ve always been on steroids. I don’t do steroids. I don’t break the rules.”

Diaz is right in that respect, there is a laundry list of fighters who have taken steroids or other drugs and failed drug tests as a result. In fact, in Diaz’s last fight, Anderson Silva also failed a test for steroids so the fight became a no contest. Jon Jones failed a drug test for Cocaine after his fight with Daniel Cormier. Chael Sonnen, Ken Shamrock, Gilbert Melendez, Vitor Belfort, and Cristane “Cyborg” Santos have all been caught. When Nick Diaz says all the fighters are doing steroids he really isn’t kidding.

Here’s where Diaz can’t really complain, all of those fighters served long suspensions, especially the ones who were caught under the new policy. The legendary Anderson Silva is currently suspended for a whole year for his failed drug test. The same goes for Gilbert Melendez who has fought for a UFC title.

The Commission explained that the third failed test for Diaz meant that he didn’t care about the rules, “This is not just a marijuana issue, this is an issue of marijuana, a lack of being forthright, a lack of cooperation to make the sport better, a disregard for rules — it hurts other athletes just as much.”

If Nick Diaz gets caught three times then it clearly shows that he has learned nothing from the other suspensions. It’s not like Diaz is the only fight to get caught smoking pot but he’s not doing something right.

UFC ringside analyst Joe Rogan has stated in the past that fighters smoke pot all the time. Rogan said that guys stop a month before their fight so they can pass the test, which means if Diaz really wanted to do it then he could have done the same. That just means that the Commission’s assumptions about Nick Diaz were right, he disregarded the rules.

Nick Diaz (26-9) probably fought his last fight ever in the UFC last January. The five year suspension may seem excessive but most of the drug policies in the sports work the same way, three strikes and your out.

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