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Audio Lost Classic: Hed (PE)’s Broke

Hed (Pe)/ Broke/ Jive

Sometimes time-capsules don’t play nice.

The Huntington Beach, CA –based band may feel that this record does not accurately represent the punky-poltical stylings of their current work but it’s a classic none the same.

At the turn of the century, hip-hop strayed into the metal and rock stratosphere and only a few bands knew how to use it correctly.

On one end of the spectrum was Rage Against The Machine whose socio-political anthems burned bridges all over the globe.

On the other was Hed (Pe) who coined and used the phrase –g-punk.

Broke was the highest-point of this style that lifted the hedonistic approach of West-Coast rap and fused it with brittle grooves, distorted melodies and reckless abandon.

Singles such as “Bartender” acted as jabs for the heavy-hitter “ Crazy Legs “which still lands punches to the gut because it gives zero fucks about morality.

There are literally millions of reasons why Jive dropped the ball with the promotion of this album.

Today, that’s not the point.

We live in a time where hip-hop has run amok, punk has lost its way and metal is a routine exercise.

None of it feels very dangerous anymore and yet here stands this album Broke that still spits commercial venom.

Singer/rapper Jahred nailed it as the voice of a generation that loved N.W.A. and Bob Marley as much as it did Pantera.

Had this album done the numbers it should have, there is no telling what the scene would look like today.

Could have, would have and should aside, Broke is a pure collection of disturbing anthems that still reminds us all that all we really want to do is lose our mind.

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