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NFL Week 3: Power Rankings

There were several teams that shuffled positions in the power rankings by the time Week 2 was over.



#1 New England Patriots (↔)

Tom Brady and Co. went into Buffalo and dismantled a quality Bills’ defense. They are once again looking unbeatable and that spells trouble for the rest of the NFL in 2015.

#2 Green Bay Packers (↔)

The Packers were all about payback Sunday night against the Seahawks–mission accomplished. Aaron Rodgers exposed the Seahawks’ secondary and Green Bay pulled off the win despite losing Eddie Lacy and Davante Adams to injury.

#3 Denver Broncos (↑5

Peyton Manning led the Broncos back to tie the Chiefs late in the fourth quarter, but the defense won the game for the second game in as many weeks. Manning still looks old but he was more affective in Kansas City.

#4 Arizona Cardinals (↑3)

They faced off with a Bears defense that is terrible and the game was close for the first half. Carson Palmer wasn’t going to let Chicago back in it though and the defense and special teams groups each scored a touchdown in the blowout win.

#5 Atlanta Falcons (↑4)

The Falcons came back late in the game, after being down by 10 points in the fourth quarter, and wide receiver Lance Hankerson was a big reason why. Atlanta did lose running back Tevin Coleman to a fractured rib, but we think the Falcons’ will continue to fly high.

#6 Cincinnati Bengals (↑5)

The Bengals are showing that Week 1 wasn’t a fluke and they beat their second California team in a row to start the season. This isn’t your daddy’s Bungles.

#7 Dallas Cowboys (↑3)

The Cowboys climbed our rankings this week but they have more injuries than they know how to deal with. With Romo and Bryant out for an indefinite amount of time — Witten for at least this week probably — they could be falling faster than a piece of space garbage. We aren’t sold that their defense alone can win them games.

#8 Buffalo Bills (↓4)

The Bills are staying put this week, simply because everyone else around them shuffled so much. The defense looked like a deli package of Swiss cheese against the Patriots but Tyrod Taylor led a late Bills’ charge before accepting a 40-32 defeat.

#9 Indianapolis Colts (↓6)

The Colts continue to struggle in 2015 and find themselves in a 0-2 hole for the second season in a row. Andrew Luck looks more like Geno Smith than anyone else this season and their defense can’t stop anyone. C’mon, it’s the Jets!

#10 New York Jets (↑10)

The J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets are 2-0 and have 10 takeaways so far this season. The offense is being led by the Lorax (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and Chan Gailey has made him look good once again. Gang Green has soared up the charts this week!

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