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Mindless Self Indulgence Unearth Lost Album ‘Pink’

Back before electro-punk rockers Mindless Self Indulgence had it all figured out, they were just a group of 20-somethings trying to find their sound.

Now, more than 20 years later, Mindless Self Indulgence have unearthed their “lost” album PINK, a compilation of previously unreleased demo tapes, recorded from 1990-1997, two years before the release of their debut album Tight.

“Before there was Rebel… before there was Frankenstein Girls… before there was Tight… there was Pink! The MSI prequel to it all,” frontman Jimmy Urine said in a release. “This album was written by twenty-something little Jimmy Urine and produce by forty-something little Jimmy Urine, and it’s the lost puzzle piece in the formation of the unique MSI sound that would eventually piss off millions of people.”

A riveting look into the self-proclaimed “industrial jungle pussy punk” band’s earliest incarnation, the album features 15 never before heard songs, plus four tracks from their self-titled EP. The lost demo tapes also feature an excerpt from the audio diary of then 22-year-old Jimmy Urine, a picture anatomy of what you need to make a Mindless song, and the revealing origins the band’s name.



“The songs on this record are not in chronological order because I don’t know what the word ‘chronological’ means, so I just put them in order of ‘what Jimmy likes the fucking best,'” Urine said. “And now the lost record you begged for is the reality you will regret.”

Surprisingly, the album holds up better in 2015 than Urine and his bandmates may have expected. Back in the early 1990’s, Mindless Self Indulgence were much more motivated by the industrial electronic sound than their trademark anarchist punk attitude, which is evident on songs such as “Slim,” “Unsociable,” and “Memory of Heaven.”

Many artists have covered Depeche Mode‘s hit song “Personal Jesus,” over the years, including Marilyn Manson, Johnny Cash and John Frusciante, but no performance has been as interesting as Mindless Self Indulgence. The electro-punk cover is harsh, off-tempo, and yet still seems to have you humming the chorus in your head.


  1. Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover)
  2. This Hurts
  3. Be Like Superman
  4. Memory of Heaven
  5. Vanity
  6. Married Alive
  7. Girls on Film (Duran Duran Cover)
  8. 5TR82HE11
  9. Envy
  10. Device
  11. Out of My Minds
  12. Darling Y0ung Boyz
  13. For the Love Of God
  14. Slim
  15. Do Unto Others
  16. Bed Of Roses
  17. Unsociable
  18. Do Unto Others
  19. Angry Boy (Jimmy Urine Audio Diary)

Mindless Self Indulgence’s new album, PINK, is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

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