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The Polish Ambassador On Wildlight’s New Album ‘The Tide’

What began as a side-project between electronic music composer David Sugalski, aka The Polish Ambassador, and girlfriend, folk songwriter Ayla Nereo, has blossomed into something more.

Wildlight was created in 2013, when Sugalski and Nereo first collaborated on the seven-song debut Hers Was As Thunder, from Sugalski’s independent label, Jumpsuit Records.

Although they have both been busy since then—working on their respective solo projects—Nereo and Sugalski would continue to come up with new material for Wildlight.

As a result, Wildlight returns with their new album, The Tide, featuring 12 original songs that brilliantly combine Nereo’s delicately crafted vocals with with Sugalski’s downtempo and ambient beats, to create a unique and eloquent blend of sound. The new album also features Lydia Violet Harutoonian on violin, Ryan Herr on guitar/mandolin, and guest vocals from Davyd Nereo.

Photo/ Facebook

Photo/ Facebook

Salute Magazine recently spoke with Sugalski via Facebook about Wildlight’s second album, The Tide.

Salute: How did you come up with the concept for your new album?

TPA: “Not so much of a concept. Ayla and I are in a relationship, and we just wanted to create music together that reflected our love for the planet, each other, and humanity in musical form.”

Salute: How is Wildlight different from your work as The Polish Ambassador, musically speaking?

TPA: “Before the collaboration was Wildlight, it started as a collaboration on three TPA tracks that featured Ayla Nereo on my album Ecozoic album. People seemed to love those songs so much that we decided to do a spinoff record. That’s where Hers Was as Thunder came from. That’s our first Wildlight album. So basically, Wildlight is now whenever Ayla and I collaborate. Thats the defining feature.”

Salute: Awesome! And so how long did it take you guys to work on your latest album, The Tide??

TPA: “Off and on for the past two years, in the midst of our personal projects.”

Salute: Wow. That must have been difficult to coordinate at times??

TPA: “Yeah, it was for sure. But the collaboration was sounding so good that we tried to make room for it.”

Salute: Out of curiosity, what was your favorite track to work on??

TPA: “I really have an affinity for ‘Holy Dust.'”

Salute: Why that track in particular?

TPA: “There’s something otherworldly about that cut. I feel like it’s this weird amalgamation of ’80s synth-pop, modern hip-hop, orchestral… and then Ayla’s performance on the track is just so damn good.”

Salute: Excellent. My last question and then I’ll let you go. Now that you both have released two albums, what is next for Wildlight?

TPA: “We’re booking a few shows and going to see what the response is on the album over the next couple months. We’ve both got two successful independent projects, so it’s tough to manage all three and still have time to spend on our farm and with our community. If there is big demand, we will continue to make more music!”

Wildlight’s new album, The Tide, is available now for “name your price” download at Bandcamp. The Tide is also available now on iTunes and Amazon.

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