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Jose Mourinho Charged By the FA Over Post-Match Comments

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has never been afraid to speak his mind to the fullest. After Chelsea’s loss to Southampton, Jose Mourinho went on a seven minute rant essentially defending his club. Not only did he do that, but he also continued to blame the referees and mentioned how big of a mistake the club would be making if the club sacked him.

In the beginning of this interview he said, “The FA can charge me, they don’t charge other managers but they can charge me.” This was in reference to Mourinho’s comments on referees being afraid to give calls in favor of Chelsea. Well, Jose Mourinho got his wish and the FA charged Mourinho on Monday.

This was the statement that the FA released,

“It is alleged his [Mourinho’s] remarks constitute improper conduct in that they allege and/or imply bias on the part of a match official or match officials and/or bring the game into disrepute,” read a statement on the FA’s official website.

“He has until 6pm on Thursday to respond to the charge.”

Mourinho made those comments based on the fact that Radamel Falcao was not given a penalty when the game was tied 1-1 in the second half.

Falcao was given a yellow card for his dive but if it were a different day it may still have been given as a penalty. The problem with Mourinho and his comments is that he’s being very hypocritical. Southampton had two blatant penalty shouts that were never called which would have changed the game completely.

The first was when Branislav Ivanovic practically ripped off Virgil Van Dijk’s jersey.

The second instance came later in the first half when Ramires chopped down Sadio Mane.

Mourinho talked about how his team’s morale went down after they didn’t get the penalty call they wanted but that’s just a big excuse. Southampton were denied two penalties but Ronald Koeman’s men were never deterred on the road at Stamford Bridge.

The fact that  Jose Mourinho rambled on for seven minutes after the game shows how worried and desperate he is about how things are going. The entire team is in disarray and they continue to drift further and further away from Mourinho.

This is a historical moment for Chelsea as a club as well as the toughest moment in Jose Mourinho’s career. This might be the most emotional we’ve ever seen the “the special one” and it’ll be very interesting to see if Mourinho and Chelsea can pick themselves up and respond to this horrid start.

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