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Listen: Jeezy Debuts Surprise EP

Jeezy/Politically Correct

Each of the five songs on this surprise street EP are among the most mature sonnets that Jeezy has spit in what has now become a long career.

Produced entirely by D. Rich, the EP peels back like an onion into the mind of an adult that is reflecting on the spoils of his success and the ills on the world.

When you come from zero and parlay that into a million-dollar lifestyle one of two things happens: you either disconnect yourself from your past or you stay vigilant for the others that are still in the struggle.

Over time, Jeezy has injected minor doses of his socio-political agenda into his arsenal.

That continues here and walking away from the title track and “ Change The World,”  the point is made that November 13’s Church In The Streets is going to land like an atomic fist to the heart of everything that is right and wrong with society.

Listen To Politically Correct

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