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Bring Me the Horizon Make Major Waves Stateside

That’s the Spirit, the fifth studio album from UK hard rock group Bring Me The Horizon has been making a major splash in the U.S., since its debut at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Making the leap from Bad Religion‘s Brett Gurewitz-owned label Epitaph to major record label Columbia, Bring Me The Horizon follow in the footsteps of several other American metalcore groups such as Atreyu and Trivium, who after signing with Roadrunner Records, tossed aside their screams and growls for more guitar and a more melodic style of hard rock.

The result sounds similar to Still Remains mixed with alternative-rock group Breaking Benjaminbut with a little bit more bite.

The album kicks-off with the electronically-tinged alt. rock track “Doomed,” a tune that could easily trick listeners into believing Bring Me The Horizon have abandoned their metalcore roots to pursue a pop music sound similar to artists such as Panic! at the Disco or Bastille… but keep listening, because you’d be dead wrong.

On their second track, “Happy Song,” the band borrows a page from Marilyn Manson‘s “Beautiful People” playbook, opening with the cheer, “S-P-I-R-I-T… Spirit, let’s hear it.”

Bring Me The Horizon bring back memories of early-2000’s post-hardcore bands like Hawthorne Heights and Scary Kids Scaring Kids, on tracks such as “Drown” and “True Friends”—a memorable punk-rock anthem that if you’re not careful you might catch yourself humming the chorus, “true friends stab you in the front.”

Their first single “Throne,” is a synth-heavy rock track that sounds like something you might expect from Linkin Park or Muse. Back in July, keyboardist and primary songwriter Jordan Fish told Rolling Stone Magazine“[Throne] is one of the most simple and straightforward songs we did. Its got some elements we had on the last album [2013’s Sempiternal], with an uptempo rhythm and really strong melodies. So it seemed like an obvious choice for the first single because it’s so immediately catchy and has such a good level of energy.”

The album also features slower, softer type of songs, such as “Follow You,” a kind of angst-filled tune that you might expect from artists such as The Used or 30 Seconds To Mars.

Bring Me The Horizon channel different elements of modern rock and pop music, to prove they have what it takes to make an international best-selling album. That’s the Spirit is now available to own on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and anywhere records are sold.

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