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Michigan State Stuns Michigan on Last Second Fumble [VIDEO]:

This is easily one of the worst ways that any football team can lose a game. A play like this is just as bad if not worse than the “kick six” in the Auburn vs. Alabama game. Michigan fans were back in the Big House at Ann Arbor and surely must have thought that this game was over.

Who wouldn’t have thought that this game was over? It’s the last play of the game and all Michigan Punter Blake O’Neill needed to do was punt the ball away.

O’Neill is going to be forever known as a scapegoat because of this play, all he had to do was dive on his fumble. If the punter had just dived on the ball then Michigan State would have had the ball on Michigan’s 40 yard line. The chances of Michigan State winning on a hail mary are so much smaller than what happened.

Instead, O’Neill tried to punt the ball again the rest is history. This is one of the top five finishes in college football history and it happened in one of the biggest rivalries in the country. Michigan State continues to dominate Michigan as of late and this game gives them bragging rights for a long, long time.

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