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NFL Hipocrisy: We Support You, When We Want To.

William Gay and DeAngelo Williams have been fined for breaking the NFL’s strict uniform code. This would be an easily closed case except, both of them broke the uniform code to honor worthy causes that affected them personally, and many other families around the world; domestic violence, and breast cancer.
In an industry that is inundated with player controversies that include domestic violence, you would think that Goodell and others in the league administration would be lenient to causes that might make their female fans feel less alienated.
As reported by CBS Sports the NFL have fined Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams for writing “We Will Find a Cure” on his eye black in honor of his mother who passed away from breast cancer last year. In addition, they also fined Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback William Gay for honoring his deceased mother who was murdered in a domestic violence dispute by wearing purple cleats. The strangest thing about William Gay getting fined is that he is one of many NFL players that represented the league in a domestic violence PSA partnered with NOMORE.ORG (below).

Even more absurd is that DeAngelo Williams was fined for finding an additional way to support a cause the league is ALREADY honoring this month.
It seems a bit self-serving, and reductive of the NFL to collaborate for a domestic violence awareness campaign, and then a few months later fine one of its players for supporting domestic violence awareness in a personal manner on the field.
As reported by Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network, William Gay proposed an easy solution:

Allow players one weekend to relax uni code, allow them to champion a cause of their choice.

Instead of fining these players, they should be supporting them, congratulating them on being acceptable role models. Doing what is right in this scenario might bother some of the powers that be since these players are on a team that seems despised so much, players get fined for supporting causes deemed worthy by the organization. Worthy, but only when the NFL feels that they are.

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