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The Dalmore Drives Home The Perfect 15-Year-Old Single Malt

To many palettes whiskey is whisky and that could not be further from the truth.

A recent introduction to the The Dalmore’s 15 year-old blend was enough to confirm that somehow, someway those of drinking age must import this gift set into their collection.

Blended by world-renowned specialist Richard Paterson, this single malt Scottish whiskey is butter smooth and goes down like candy with a bite.

The Dalmore has a  flavor profile that is very nutty and is home to traces of cinnamon which endears itself to our current season.

In truth, this one really is all over the place and that is a good thing.

It’s not cheap and due to its quality one would not expect it to be.

Like everything else from this distillery, this blend multitasks and hits consumers quickly with one note and lingers around for a moment with another.

The cinnamon is followed by what could easily be aged grapes that yield a raisin-like flavor.

At 40-percent alcohol by volume, this is not a bottle that you want to play with but thanks to its age and the care that was put into its production, the morning after will not be an issue as over-indulgence in rot-gut liquors tend to be.

When its due time, for the Salute ‘best of’ list, please know that this whiskey will be there.

For ordering and product information, please visit the Dalmore’s website here. 

Watch Richard Paterson Discuss His Craft

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