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UFC 193 Recap: Holly Holm Upsets Ronda Rousey

Holly Holm is going to be a household name by tomorrow morning’s news cycle and it’s well deserved. She fought the perfect fight to beat an incredible champion. We’ll all remember where we were when we saw Ronda Rousey lose.

I was up at 4:30 am in the UK only to see one arguably the greatest upset in MMA history. Fight fans will be hoping for a rematch soon and don’t doubt that Ronda Rousey will be back.


This was the perfect storm, Holly Holm and her camp said there were holes in her stand up game and she exposed them with ease. However, anyone that says Ronda Rousey panicked is wrong. Rousey has been in a fights with Miesha Tate that have gone at least three rounds, just because she didn’t win in the first round doesn’t mean she panicked.

One of Rousey’s biggest strengths became her biggest weakness tonight, her aggressive, never back down mentality was what got her in trouble. Ronda is always going to fight her way and see if her opponent can stop her. Holm’s boxing background allowed for her to move around, counter punch and pick apart Rousey.

As I said in the preview, Rousey would have to make some mistakes and she did. In the second round, Rousey turned around with her hands down and paid the ultimate price. Holly Holm has already won multiple fights because of her head kicks.

Still, take nothing away from Holly Holm who was able to defend Rousey when she was in the clinch and when she got taken down.Rousey’s overall ground game is her bread and butter and Holm did just enough to escape.

Holm even managed to pick up Rousey and throw her to the canvas which was shocking. Holm said that most women are defeated mentally before stepping in the octagon with Rousey, but her mind set definitely helped her pull off this upset.

This was a huge upset and Holm deserved to win this fight. However, don’t think for a second that Ronda Rousey isn’t going to come back even stronger from this and when the rematch happens, she’ll definitely be more prepared for Holm’s world class striking.


This title fight was a little more straight forward then the one that followed. Valerie Letorneau came to brawl, she put in a great effort but it simply wasn’t enough. Letorneau had some success in the early rounds because of her aggressive style and toughness. She stood in the pocket and delivered some nice combinations.

In the end, the champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk showed off how incredible her striking really is. The Polish international has some of the fastest hands you will ever see, and constantly ended her combos with leg kicks that began to ware Letorneau down. As you can see in the highlights, Jedrzejczyk was just better and her 2nd title defense was impressive.


This was a well-anticipated rematch after these two giants when toe to toe in 2013 and the fight ended in a majority draw. In this fight, the exact opposite happened and Mark Hunt did what he does best.

His one punch knockout ability is a treat to watch and he’s showing no signs of slowing down at age 41. The fight didn’t even make it out of the first round, Mark Hunt made contact with Antonio Silva’s temple and that was that.


Uriah Hall was the favorite going into this fight but it was Robert Whittaker who emerged victorious. Hall threw a variety of techniques at the New Zealander, that obviously included multiple head kicks.

It would be Hall who would end up feeling Whittaker’s power as the fight progressed. He ended up taking control of the bout in the third round.

This was a huge win for Whittaker and he’ll surely continue to move up the rankings as he’s on a four fight winning streak.


This fight was so boring it isn’t worth of any type of video highlights whatsoever. Stefan Struve’s takedown defense wasn’t good enough to stop Jared Rosholt’s wrestling. Struve said after the fight that it was probably the worst performance of his career.

There’s no disagreements here, the first two rounds consisted of Rosholt taking down Struve and just laying on top of him. Rosholt basically had to survive in the third round but Struve didn’t even attack Rosholt like he should have. Jared Rosholt has now won three fights in a row but most of his fights are bound to be a borefest.


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