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Interview: Khristian B shares his popcentric formula

Underground music comes in all shapes and sizes. Urban genre-bender Khristian B is a testament to that thought.

Despite having breakthrough success with the MTV soundtrack staple “Doing My Thing,” the Atlanta icon-in –the-making walks the streets of city in relative peace.

KB has a catalog of epic pop hits, stadium-sized anthems and left-of-center tracks that will eventually prove to you that he is the trendsetter that he already knows that he is.

In the meantime, there is work to be done and he works at a pace that only the most inspired can lay claim to.

In less than 8 months, he has worked with Grammy winning producer Mack Woodward, released a super-sized mixtape Salute Da Kool, consistently performed up and down the east coast, shot a couple of videos and created music for shows such as MTV’s Todrick.

As 2015 comes to a end, Salute sat down with him to get his take on his life, his art and how he wants to be viewed going forward.

 As a new face to some, what do you do to keep your artistry fresh for your pre-existing fans as you engage new listeners?

Everyone loves melody which my music is based upon. It’s not so lyrical in a metaphoric sense.

 With your previous success, do you consider yourself a veteran?

Not a veteran like Kanye. But I do consider myself good at what I do. I’m a protégé with no teacher/master. I learn from everyone and every sound [that I hear].

In detail, please describe all of the elements of your sound.

[It is] feel good music. It’s like a reach back in time. It’s music from a global ear, a mash up of melodies from all genres.

 In a crowded playing field, what makes you different from other pop artists with R&B roots?

I write my own music. I started with pop music. I listened to Britney Spears, Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson & Radio Disney. That’s where my sound comes from.

 What is your live show like?  Is it an extension of your records? Do you bring the same vivid imagery to your shows as you do your music?

It’s live and lit. I want everyone on drugs. Yeah cause I’m not cocky in my music somewhat. But everything you get on stage is my truth. I get in the groove of the records. I feel what I wrote on stage when performing.

What are the five definitive KB songs?

“Doing My Thing,” “Departure,” “Eternity,” “Good Girls Gone Bad” and “Look What I Did!”

Finally, what are your 2015 goals, your five year goals and your ten year goals?

Continuing to work with other artists and building [up to] my next release.  [I am] trying to reach and build my base.

[In five years] I will be touring the world continuing to build my empire.

[In 10 years], I want to be comparable to a young LA Reid giving opportunity to emos and weirdoes. People that are true to themselves musically.

I don’t care about their personal lives. As long as they make hit records. You know the hipsters. Hit makers only. People that can create on their own. Feeding off one another.


With a firm grasp on his present and a sharp eye for the future, the mainstream is about to catch up to the underground’s favorite son.

Watch Khristian B’s Latest Video “Love Me Long Time”

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