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NFL Suspends Aldon Smith for 1 year

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Oakland Raiders OLB Aldon Smith has been handed a full one-year suspension from the NFL, effective immediately. Listed as caused by the substance abuse, Smith has fallen out of favor with plenty in the NFL after a full round of mistakes. After a list of infractions ranging from DUI, hit and run, vandalism and an incident in Los Angeles International Airport, Smith has quickly found a highly publicized exit from football.

After being released by the San Francisco 49ers for numerous violations, Smith had found a seemingly temporary one-year home in Oakland for eight million dollars before his forced departure. Now he is forced to look on as teammates and opponents cash in and play without the Missouri product. On Tuesday, Smith was seen telling teammates goodbye in the locker room, reportedly had an extended and private conversation with quarterback Derek Carr in an adjacent room before returning to finish his goodbyes and exiting. One such teammate was Michael Crabtree, a player who also played with Smith in San Francisco before he chose to sign with the team across the Bay.

Players and coaches were returning from practice when news of the impending decision of their troubled teammate reached the public. Knowing of the legal issues that Smith dealt with, coaches, as well as players, all were believed to know that their brethren could suffer another lengthy suspension for his actions. Smith has subsequently missed time in almost every year of his NFL career due to off-the-field issues, and 2015 and 2016 seem to be no different in the unfortunate and annual trend.

Smith, who was having a seemingly great year for the rising Raiders, leaves the team with a total of 28 tackles and 3.5 sacks this season and leaves them in a bind. Being a talented player, the production the team will miss may have to be outsourced to another lucky player.

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