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NFL Predictions: Week 11

Sports Editor Dustin Brown and Editor-in-Chief Adrian Glover are hovering around the 60 percent mark on the season for their NFL predictions but Week 11 is here, so we hope you’re ready.


Thursday Night Game

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

AG: For me, I think that the Jags are honestly much better than people give them credit for. There is plenty of ink out there from years past where I just threw them under the bus for being the worse team in football. At one point they were. Now they are coming out of that fog and I think that they will break down the Titans in what I am deeming the Mediocre Bowl.

DB: I agree, and I liken the Jaguars to another team that was familiar with losing for many years — the Oakland Raiders. Much like the Raiders, the Jags have a young team that is still trying to put it all together. There will come a point when they do, and Bortles is more than capable of leading this team to the playoffs.

Mutual Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday Games

Indianapolis Colts at Atlanta Falcons

DB: The Falcons have been in a downward spirals of sorts and they reached rock bottom when they lost to the 49ers prior to their bye week. This matchup is an interesting one, but I think the slight edge goes to Atlanta.

AG: (Sigh) Two under achievers fighting for relevancy at the halfway mark. Two things work for Atlanta here and that is Andrew Luck is out and the Colts have played worse than they have.

One thing works against Atlanta and that is they have played down to their competition all season long. Two weeks ago before the bye, they made Blaine Gabbert look like the second coming of Dan Marino. Do you know how disgusting that is? Gabbert is horrible and you know Colin Kaperknick was counting on Atlanta’s defense to show up and help him keep his job.

What is Kap gonna do now? The Falcons ensured that he will spend the offseason fighting RG3 for a roster spot most likely in either Houston or Cleveland.

The Falcons blew it and for the rest of the season it’s going to be hard to count on them to beat anybody in this league if they can’t blow out teams like the Titans and manage to beat teams like the 49ers.

DB: I’m not gonna lie, the Falcons looked good up to the Titans game. But, they are a team that has a new head coach so I will give them a small pass because of that. How this team recovers will be the story of their season though. And I agree about the Kap scenario for the Niners. He would make an interesting fit in Philly though.

AG: Sounds like Tebow 2.0 to me.

Shit is real and the reality is they (Falcons) might even get beat by the Ravens on a bad day because they lack a killer instinct. So when it all shakes out, I will take the Falcons with the knowledge that they could very easily slip on another banana peel and walk away shaking their heads with the understanding that they should have done better. It is what it is.

Mutual Pick: Atlanta Falcons

St. Louis Rams at Baltimore Ravens

AG: Forget the Rams’ quarterback issues. Todd Gurley is going to run wild at Baltimore and the Ravens have little to nothing to stop or counter him. It’s the Rams in a beating.

DB: Not much more breath should be wasted on this game either.

Mutual Pick: St. Louis Rams

Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers

AG: Can you say trap game? The Panthers are swinging with a little too much swagger right now and the Redskins have been low-key winning games here and there. By no means am I saying that the Redskins are a better team, I am just saying that they could easily play that Buster Douglas or Holly Holm role on this given day.

DB: I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think the Redskins win this game on the road. Shoutout to Holly Holm for her upset win over Ronda Rousey though. If this game were in Washington, the Redskins would have a great shot at beating the undefeated Panthers, but not in Carolina.

Adrian’s Pick: Washington Redskins

Dustin’s Pick: Carolina Panthers

Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears

AG: We know nothing about how Brock Osweiler will perform but we do know this. Demaryius Thomas started to light it up after Peyton Manning was sent walking last week.

Thomas has been awful this year with Manning pulling the trigger. So that in itself is enough to say give the Broncos a chance to beat the lowly Bears.

On another front, the Broncos get Aqib Talib back from suspension after he got his Three Stooges on two weeks ago.

That sets up a bad day for the interception prone Jay Cutler. I don’t like Denver to win this one; I love them to win this one.

DB: Playing at home is one thing, starting on the road is another. Yes, Chicago is an erratic team, but they have played some good football ever since Mike Ditka put on that Green Bay sweater.

BUT…I just don’t think Chicago can win this game because the Broncos’ defense is very good and Cutler can be very bad at the flip of a switch.

Mutual Pick: Denver Broncos

Oakland Raiders at Detroit Lions

AG: The Lions got their annual feel good victory out of the way last week and the Raiders are a legit team nowadays.

Oakland will do it and do it big this week.

DB: The Raiders are coming off of a tough loss to the Vikings and are on a slide in the last couple of weeks, but they set the record straight this week. They will also remind us not to watch the Lions game on Thanksgiving because Detroit is bad.

Mutual Pick: Oakland Raiders

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