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Trump Campaign Thrives on Political Incorrectness

Yesterday, Donald Trump’s campaign sent out a press release, “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”.  This is in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris, France and the mass shooting in San Bernadino, CA.

When a radical Donald Trump comment is made, Donald Trump has risen in the polls.  Assessing afterward, the media and other prominent politicians react, again trending to higher poll numbers.  The polls are indicating that this type of political incorrectness PR is what makes his reign lasting.

On June 16, when Trump announced his candidacy, he alleged Mexicans coming to America were rapists, among other atypical comments like building walls along the border and being really rich.  Atypical behavior for presidential candidates, but by July he becomes the clear front runner, as stated by a July 30 Quinnipiac University poll.  Same day, but a Gallup poll showed he was losing some favorability.

Nearly a week later in a CNN interview, he attacked Fox News Republican debate moderator Megyn Kelly.  An OAN poll showed he surged again.

To show how prevalent the trend is, consider the opposite – typical candidate behavior.  Trump released his tax plan in September, his polling numbers drop.  Same trend with when he released a trade plan in November, numbers dropped again; more sharply with Republicans.

The decline in Trump’s polling numbers made room for Ben Carson to overtake the top GOP presidential candidate spot.  Carson, who in November, claimed he attempted to stab a family member during his youth, began leading at 25%; overtaking the no. 1 spot from Trump with his singular badboy moment of his political campaign.  Carson has since been replaced.

At the start of yesterday, a Monmouth University poll showed that Cruz has taken the GOP front position.  This was just hours before Trump’s speech on banning Muslims in America.  Will Trump’s number rise again?  The trend suggests yes, but there isn’t significant polling data just yet.

Some have spoken out against Trump, like Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WIS), stating that Trump’s comments “not who we are as a party”.  None have been as bluntly put as Presidential candidate Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), when interviewed by CNN this morning.

“You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”

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