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Funky, Footloose but Not Fancy Free: UGH!, The 1975

It’s not often that you hear a song that stops you dead in your tracks, makes you skip back to the beginning and ultimately leads to an all day binge listening.

The 1975’s “UGH” does just that.  I don’t know if it’s the hard hitting  sharp-enough-to-slice-ear-drums lyrics or the synthesized electronic melody fit to cause massive amounts of head bobbing and attempts at the white-mans-overbite; either way, “UGH!” is a radio friendly ode to drug addiction that I’m quite frankly addicted to listening to.

Off of their upcoming album I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It and premiered on Dec. 10 , “UGH!” embodies the struggle of a man who is coming off of an insane cocaine induced high, realizes he should probably “give it up” only to decide that nah, he’d rather not.

The song acts as it’s own drug of choice pulling you in, seducing with straight forward wordplay (there are many ‘did he just say that?’ moments) and a dance beat reminiscent of all night parties at the infamous Studio 54′.

The nostalgia eases the blow of the message and you will easily find yourself bopping along to lyrics such as, “Do you have a card? My irregular heart beat is starting to correct itself, It’s just a simple diuretic that prevents the empathetic, From being just and giving it up.”

Front man, Matty Healy, credits Prince and 90’s greats like Destiny’s child for the influences behind the track’s sound. He describes the song as, “something that goes back to the early foundation of how we write music as The 1975.”

The Prince influence is evident, not only in the electro-rock sound but also in the bands use of upbeat tones to counteract an obviously taboo subject matter.  “UGH!” is catchy with enough edge to keep even the toughest critic satisfied; with a current place on Billboard’s Twitter Top Tracks, it’s sure to be a standout on their upcoming album, slighted for release Feb 2016.

Listen To ” UGH”

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